Better view of central London — Primrose Hill

Name one place to view central London.

Before the year of 1962, St Paul’s Cathedral must be the first choice; whereas today, there are plenty of skyscrapers you might recommend for tourists, which one is your favorite? Would you prefer the Sky Garden at Fenchurch St or the Shard located on the south bank? Or perhaps enjoy your sunset while dining at Duck & Waffle, otherwise waiting for the once a year Open House Day to climb to the top of the Gherkin for free.


Bet you might need patience and some luck to get the appointment or right seat. However, do you know there is one place that you can enjoy the view of London without charging you anything? Well, the only thing you need might be a bottle of energy drink.

Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill

Here is the Primrose Hill.

As you reach the top of the hill, you can see the buildings gathered at Canary Wharf; all the landmark skyscrapers in central London; Westminster palace and London Eye seems close enough to reach; BT Tower looks the same size with the Shard. If you looks closer, you can also find the ArcelorMittal Orbit located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on your left hand, though the landmarks board did not show it; if you have ever been to Crystal Palace, then you might recognise the Crystal Palace Tower as well, though it is a tiny little bit on your right hand.

Nevertheless, here at the Primrose Hill, you either need to make appointment months early or saving weeks for a meal. As soon as the weather is nice enough, you will have a fabulous view of central London.

The Stonehenge

However, this is the most expensive area in London, from the view of economic perspective, rows of glorious houses should be built on the hill or transform to a fancy high-class club, but Primrose Hill is for free, for everyone.

It reminded me that a few days ago, the historic pavilion located at the end of Zhan Qiao Pier in Qingdao (aka Tsingtao) has been ‘secretly’ handed back to the government after long period controlled by a private company who not only transformed the pavilion into a souvenir shop, but also charging for the entrance fee. But the good news is in the nearly future, it might reopen to public for free. Fingers crossed then!

I will never say this is the single case, though here in the UK, people also complained some attractions are not worth for the price, the Stonehenge certainly is the Top One on the list.

Well, back to our topic, no need queuing for the Sky Garden, don’t feel ashamed if you cannot pay for the Shard, want a better view of central London? Come along to the Primrose Hill.


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