Have ‘fun’ with your bus trip in London

I have been told more than once that the real Londoners rarely take tube; instead, they always take buses, double decker or red bus is not only the symbol of London, but also a good way to have a look of the city, the street, the building and the people. However, do you think you will be fine to use the bus in London after reading the article? I doubt it.

Diversion ©stv


The most exciting part of taking the red bus in London is you never know if you are going to reach your destination as you planned. Despite all kinds of road and construction works, there are a variety of events goes on in London every day, if you don’t do ‘homework’ before departure, you will never know if the roads will be closed or the route going to be disrupted by the events. diversion is never a new thing for regular bus takers, but definitely, will freak you out if you take a certain bus for the first time. Well, good luck!

Changing Destination

If you think you are going to the destination, so you can relax and no need to worry about the diversion, then you will be totally WRONG. Turns out, changing destination is much more annoying than diversion and happens more frequently. If you experience slow traffic on the road, you should ready for the changing destination.

The good thing is you can ask for the transfer ticket to take the next bus for free; whereas the bad thing is you have to wait for another bus; however, the worst scenario is waiting in the cold raining night without any shelter, and the next bus’s destination is still not the place you want to go. Oh, I will never forget that night…

Bus Stop not in use…

Bus stop is not in use/ The next bus stop is closed

There was once I saw a mid-age lady waving to stop the bus in the calm, but the driver has no intention to stop, then the lady tried to chase the bus in the panic, unfortunately, the bus just was gone. I was sitting on the upper floor of a double-decker, but I cannot help. The ‘bus stop is not in use’ sign normally be set at the top of the bus stand in yellow. Sometimes you cannot rely on your previous experience or only pay attention to the information on the lower of the bus stand, lift up your chin, and check if your bus stops still in use today.

For people inside of the bus, ‘the next bus stop is closed’ could be an urgent warning for you, the bus driver will stop the bus first, then broadcast the warning. If you plan to get off the next bus stop, you’d better press the ‘stop’ button now, then take an action; or the driver might take you somewhere far away.

Changing Drivers

I never see and also cannot image the changing bus drivers while driving in my city or in my country; however, it seems quite obviously here. To be honest, the first time I ever experienced changing drivers is not in the UK, instead of traveling in Athens a few years ago. I was shocked when I saw our bus driver stopped the bus around the corner and popped off the bus without any notice, then the new driver jumped in and continue to drive the bus away.

The same thing also happens in London, but most of the time it will happen during the off-peak time, and they will let you know by broadcasting. Sometimes you can tell that because the pausing time seems quite long, but it never takes a long time to process, so no need to worry about that. Just for those people like me who never have this experience before, you might find it quite interesting.

Nice view from the double decker…

Still, fancy a bus tour in London? Then your journey will be more unpredictable and excited because of these. Just try to leave yourself plenty of time before you decide to take the bus, if you are in rush, better stick to tube then.

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