Open the door to refugees: Does Brazil ready to be the next Superpower?

The United States hold the title of Superpower for 25 years since the dissolution of Soviet Union. Right before people changed their focus on the terrorist issue, ‘Who will become the next superpower?’ once become a hot topic. Both China and Brazil are on the shortlist, but who will win the competition at the end?


To be the so-called superpower is not an easy task, China did a great job on ‘Economic data’ this subject, while Brazil seems more care about her Humanitarian course.

Talking about Humanitarian, though for a large number of people, terrorist jump to the priority since 911; whether the president election at United State or the debates between European countries, immigration and refugees are the most controversial topics. As for terrorist, people already reach the agreement undisputed; unfortunately, different countries plays variety cards on immigration, especially the refugee’s issue.

After all the dramatic responses to refugees by European countries, refugee now becomes a hot potato for those nations. Angela Merkel struggled with the lowest ebb since she took over the Chancellor of Germany; all kinds of negative news and reports about refugees brainwashed people.

At the same time, when people joked about the news that Brazil has not finished building the stadium for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Brazil government offered visas for refugees from Syria since 2013. As a matter of fact, this is not the first time Brazil open its doors to refugees, back to 2010, Brazil issued the humanitarian visas for homeless Haitians who suffered the tragic earthquake.

Wait, where is China? Honestly, I never heard anything about China’s government accept refugees until I did the research. Turns out Shanghai was once the temporary home for 30,000 Jewish during the Second World War. However, China just sitting back and evaluating it since the refugee crisis happened in Europe.

I do believe there must be some reasons, such as China already have a large population to deal with, the language will be a barrier for refugees, etc…But are those not the concerns of Brazil government? I bet Brazilian definitely think about it, why they still insist on accepting refugees?

Before to answer that question, it is better to see why refugees choose Brazil? If you search all the articles and news reports, many refugees mentioned one thing spontaneously: ‘Because Brazil gives us visa’. The reason is really simple and straightforward. According to a refugee who already settled in Brazil: she said she would rather stay in the place accept them rather than stuck in Europe as an illegal immigrant.

I did also ask a friend from Brazil, how poor people react to refugees? Are they happy with them? The answer is there is definitely a group of people has the opposing view about refugees, but the majority are happy to have them.

Surely the sense of security comes from each other, imagine you spent a night in Calais as a refugee, will you think you been treated as a human being? Hard to tell, right? The journey to other European countries seems already despaired refugees, how could you expect them to be well dressed up and with excellent manners, except there are still a lot of gaps to fill, cultural, habit, manners and so on.  

Personally, I do think Brazil did a really great job, though there are so many aspects you might like to debate with me. But Brazilians showed their kindness to those people who ever despairing about lives. At least, they treat them like human beings.

In my view, to become a responsible superpower, it is not only about economy nowadays, inclusive is also a criterion, Brazil certainly pass the ‘refugee’ test for now.

Finally, a song sang by refugees in Brazil… Enjoy…


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