Please STOP blame all Chinese for the Dog Meat Festival happen in Yulin, China

First of all, not every single Chinese in China eat dog meat; second, the so-called Dog Meat Festival only happens in one particular city called Yulin in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.

So please do STOP blame all Chinese…


The first time I heard about the Dog Meat Festival when I was an international news journalist in Beijing back to 2013, those images spread out like a virus on the Chinese social media platforms, almost everyone around me was shocked, we all from different parts of China; however, none of us from Yulin…

I had this conversation with a British-French mixed-race friend who happened to be a vegetarian last year, she told me she thought this was a nationwide festival, and she thought all Chinese are okay with eating dog meat. Thanks for the dramatic news title like this (I also knew how to make eye-catching news title to win the clicks):

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160622230859

I am not surprise that people will be confused by it, as ‘Yulin’ seems could be anything but a name of a city.

So where is Yulin?

Here it is:

You need to zoom out for 7 times to see the whole scale of China. You might still have no idea where it is, if there is any chance you know where Beijing is, then it takes 33 hours 59 mins train to get there. Unfortunately, Yulin does not have its own airport, so you might need to take 3 hours 30 mins flight to Nanning, then change the train or the bus.

I totally understand why people are condemning this festival, people not only from Western countries, but also Chinese who love dogs and treat them as friends, siblings, even family members. Especially my generation, most of us are the only child in the family. I had had a cat and two parrots, the moment when I had to say goodbye to them, my heart was broken. Nowadays, we have three dogs in my parents’ place, here is one of them (look at this innocent look, she actually just ruined the carpet in the yard…)


Whereas I need to point out something that you might do not like it or cannot believe it, there was a person who wrote an article about the Dog Meat Festival last year which I do partly agree with it. One thing is people raise these dogs just like chickens, pigs, sheep and cows, these dogs do not belong to any special species, people prefer to call them as Chinese rural dogs. As a matter of fact, these dogs just like the one I showed above. The other thing is those people who raise these dogs for the festival, this might the only economic source for the family.

You might have thousands of comments to argue these two points, but you do need to know there are still people in China who struggle to live a life. There are actually much more complex that how and why people in this city start to eat dog meat and it gradually becomes a festival.

But at this moment, please do STOP blame all Chinese.


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