On my way to the Minack Theatre

As usual, I set off to Penzance without doing much research, the main reason was to escape the heat in London. After 9 hours’ coach journey, I arrived at Penzance, the coastal town located at the south-west corner of England.

Though without any actual plan, instead of staying inside of the cozy hotel, I decide to go to the Minack Theatre, the place looks like ancient Roman theatre from the pics I found online; however, talking about the theatre, I have no idea the background and the history. Therefore, I found it more excited when I get to know it.


15 minutes walk from the place I lived, Penzance bus station right beside the train station, the bus time change seasonally, so it is better to double check with the timetable at the bus stand, or you might need to wait an hour for the next bus.

Do not worry if you cannot find the Minack theatre stop on the board, as Porthcurno suppose to be the stop you need to get off. Both 1 and 1A service to Porthcurno, though the theatre will open at 9:30am, I still decide to take the first bus which at 6:30am. Not only to make sure there will be no crowded tourist but also would like to take extra time to discover the area.

On the way to the Minack Theater, Cornwall
On the way to the Minack Theater, Cornwall

I might too fussy about it, but I have to say the bus drivers here are absolutely amazing, there are mainly countryside roads on the way to Porthcurno, which means all kinds of up down hills, the narrow lane for both sides, and unable to see the oncoming traffic. Sitting on the upper floor of the double decker bus, I thought I was playing the Roller Coaster. Anyway, I arrived at the Porthcurno just past 7:00am.

Turns out the Telegraph Museum just opposite the bus stop; whereas it takes around 15 minutes walk to the Minack Theater. Nevertheless, I found the wonderland beyond sight called the Porthcurno Beach. White sand beach with the crystal green sea, unlike most of the beaches I have ever been to here in the UK.

the Porthcurno Beach
the Porthcurno Beach

Weather in the UK, especially in Cornwall could be dramatic, an hour before the Minack Theatre opens the door, it was started to drizzle, though I am well prepared, standing in the rain in the open area still quite chilly. While I was wondering how could I spend this extra hour, a lady with her dog approached me and kindly offered me to stay in her place until the theatre opens.

Turns out us all from London and here for vacation, the different is this is my first time here, whereas, for the lady, she has been here since she was a little girl. The lady’s cottage only a few minutes walk from the Minack Theater, with a mug of hot chocolate in my hand, we talked and talked. To my surprise, the lady’s mother has once met the lady who built the Minack Theater, and they used to have tea together as well. Before this conversation, honestly, I do not even know who built this theatre, I thought it was built a long time ago.

the Porthcurno Beach
the Porthcurno Beach

This might the best part to travel without done a lot of research, always surprised me. Time flies while we were talking, moreover, the sun finally showed up. It was time to check the theatre and find out more about the mystery lady who built the Minack Theater. By the way, her name is Rowena Cade.



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