The Minack Theatre: a woman dedicated her whole life for

Unlike most the other tourists head to the theatre straightforward, I decide to check the museum first as the lady who offered me a shelter (want to know what happen? Check the ‘On my way to the Minack Theatre’) highly recommend. As a matter of fact, the so-called museum is just a room.


Rowena Cade in her 20s and childhood (Inside of The Minack Theatre Museum)

To my surprise, the look like ancient roman style theatre was built no more than 90 years ago; moreover, the architect and builder was a lady named Rowena Cade. Born in a wealthy family, Rowena Cade’s life suppose to be filled with parties and balls. Whereas, at the age of 20, Rowena Cade and her widowed mother moved to Cornwall right after the First World War. She looks so frail, just like most young ladies from middle-class families, the truth is never judged a person by their looks.

360 degrees view from the top of the Minack Theatre

Rome wasn’t built in a day, either Minack Theater. After produced some performances and shows for years, Rowena decided to build a simple stage and some seats first in 1930. Whereas, the most exciting project to start around 1936, while Rowena already 38 years old. It is hard to believe that all the works and designs were done by Rowena and three local craftsmen, two of them get involved in building the initial stage, the other one helps her to maintain and repair the theatre.

The seats inside of the Minack Theater

Working on the cliffs with rocks seems not funny at all, but Rowena not only working on her project day by day but also developed certain techniques for working with cement. As soon as you step inside the theatre, there is only one question remain: How come she could do this? It is impossible. You still can touch the amazing patterns on each pillar drawn by Rowena with the screwdriver. Moreover, all the back of seats marked the shows’ names performance at Minack Theater with the year.

A group of Austrian tourists visited the Minack Theatre

During my visit, there is a group of Austrian tourists visited the theatre, the guides show her comedy talent impromptu, everyone burst out the laugh when she accidently throws her hat over the barrier to the sea. Fortunately, she manages to get it back as there is some distance from the actual sea.

The Minack Theater opens to public mainly during the summer, if you really want to watch the show, you always need to book the ticket months in advance. The open times also depends on and different day by day, so do make sure you double check the website before you set off.

Rowena Cade

I love the photo they put on the front of the leaflet, also on the left-hand side wall of the museum. Though Rowena looks so tiny, she seems so calm and peaceful. She is an architect, but except Minack Theater, she never did any other project. She dedicated her whole life for only one thing. On thing she truly loved.

To be continued…


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