The S W Coast Path: From the Minack Theatre to Land’s End

There are two places you must go when you are around Cornwall, the Minack Theatre and Land’s End. You can either choose to go on separate days, or take the ‘shuttle bus’. Whereas the best way to go both places is via S W Coast Path, of course, you need to be well prepared for the oncoming challenge.


If you Google the journey, Google will tell you it only takes you 1 h 49 min by walk, yes, it might work if you are walking on the flat field or pay no attention to things around you. For me, choose to take the path from the Minack Theatre to Lands End was a rush decision, I neither check the path difficulty before I set off, nor done any hiking training before. However, should I say lucky me and seems good things always happen by accident.


The entrance from the Minack Theater right beside the parking area with a sign of chestnut, as soon as I enter this path, I immediately been surrounded by grass that higher than me and seems been separated from the outside of the world. Whereas, the adventure just started.


The S W Coast Path is not a ‘proper’ walk path, what I mean by ‘proper’ is there is no pavement, no concrete, handles or stairs, basically this path more likely created by hikers. In some area, there will be separated into several paths which depend on the ‘difficulty’, some paths will more close to the cliff, the others might more easy and safety for the majority of people. However, it is no need to worry that you will get lost, as soon as you follow the coastline, you will be fine.


Nevertheless, certain areas only allow one person to pass, this reminds me my practical test for the UK drive license. Well, how to deal with ‘oncoming traffic’? Fortunately, people here are seeking for relaxing instead of rushing for work, so take your time and give away to others.

It took me roughly 3 hours to get to the Land’s End, stopped by the coffee shop near St Aubyn Estates; visited the Gwennap Head Watch Station and chatted with the watchman; surprised by the stunning view along the way.


Finally, my final stop is right in front of me — Land’s End.

To be continued…


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