Mixed Heritage — Where are you from?

Since I came to London, I found it is quite difficult to ask people a most simple question: Where are you from?

For me, the answer is straightforward: China; but for some of my friends: the story could be longer than the Bible.

My favourite image when I was young

The day before yesterday, I have no idea the term called ‘mixed heritage’; three years ago, I learnt a new term called ‘mixed raced’. And before that, I only know the Chinese way to describe someone who’s parents from different countries or ethnic groups — ‘Hunxue’ (混血), literally means ‘mixed blood’.

‘Hunxue’ is still rare in China, and the stereotypes of ‘Hunxue’ are relatively positive: smart and beautiful, obviously they can speak two languages. Whereas, the crisis behind ‘mixed’ seems more serious in the Western lands — Hate Crime.


Hate Crime: A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

Since Brexit, reported hate crimes increased by 60% (BBC); LGBT community increases 147% (IBTimes). These are the figures we can see, how about those unreported hate crimes or insult happened to people based on their ethics, skin colours and home countries that do not constitute crimes?

Yannis Yortsos, Dean of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering on August 1, 2014 in LA, California. (Source: Pool/Getty Image North America)

Recently, I read the news reports about the Xinran Ji Trail in US, majority of Chinese media point out one of the reason he has been robbed is the suspect confessed that ‘Because he was Chinese, he must have money’; unfortunately, I did not find any mainstream media either from US or UK highlight this point, but I do manage to find some English reports (NEW YORK DAILY NEWS; LA TIMES) to make sure the Chinese media does not make that up.

Jane Elliott conducted an experiment at ‘The Oprah Show’ years ago, and I could not agree with her anymore with what she fought back to the blue eye gentleman with his ‘God created races, just deal with it’ speech. She said ‘God created one race, the human race; human being created racism’.

Though ‘the DNA journey’ seems more like a commercial proposal come to the end, it is the time for us to rethink about it, do we all know where are we from? I doubted it. Even though for me, my surname is not typical Chinese surname, and I have been told I look more like a Korean, is there any possible my ancestors from Korean? Who knows.

Finally, I have to apologise to Theresa May, unfortunately, I am proud to be the global citizenship and I believe I am the citizenship of everywhere.


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