Worth to watch: The Romanovs (Documentary)

If you are interested in history, especially Russia’s history, this documentary is really worth to watch!

Russia, the nation owns the largest territory around the world, once the most powerful country in the world as well. Before Russia has been named, people might familiar with its former name: Soviet Union. How about before? Do you know anything about Russia before the 1917 Russian Revolution?


The name Romanov is not strange to me, thanks to the Hollywood blockbuster: the Avengers. Scarlett Johansson played the character ‘Black Widow’ which named Natasha Romanoff. Though this fiction character has nothing to do with The Romanovs, still triggered my interest to watch this series documentary.

Nearly 7 hours, total eight episodes. The Romanovs presented the last Russian empire: Romanov Dynasty by time. Though the dubbing is in English, the original production was in Russian, that is the reason you will see the captions on the screen will be in Russian.

This series of documentary seems more like a vivid history textbook for me, you might able to draw your timeline after watching this documentary, no more spoiler, here comes the Youtube link:


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