Over-commercialized attraction? — Land’s End

The whole world seems to tend to over-commercialized nowadays, though it is far away from the urban city, even to the Land’s End.

After there and half an hour, I finally arrived my destination — Land’s End. The most westerly point of mainland England.

The main thing to do is taking plenty of photos, one reason is to prove that I am here, another one is to obviously show off on the social media.

The Land's End © Tian Lan
The Land’s End © Tian Lan

The most famous landmark at Land’s End must be the road sign pole with the amazing background view of the sea and the sky. However, if you want a ‘proper’ photo with the date and your name on, you need to pay, queue and wait.

I cannot remember how much it cost, but it is not that kind of expensive. Most unwilling to pay tourists will take photos while the staff is looking for new name cards to replace. The good thing is the fence is still low and people can do that without any difficulty.

View of the Lands End © Tian Lan
View of the Lands End © Tian Lan

While I was resting on the bench with an old couple, the lady told me she been here a long time ago, back to that time, there are nothing but only the cliff and the sea. And I can tell she missed the old days.

Indeed, Land’s End is a well-developed tourist spot, with a shopping centre, a 3D cinema, restaurants, souvenir shops and even a hotel with a huge parking space.

Refreshment house at The Land's End © Tian Lan
Refreshment house at The Land’s End © Tian Lan

Personally I do not fancy ‘modernized’ tourist attractions; however, human beings are always contradictory. I bet everyone wants a tidy toilet and a place with a shelter after a long time journey…

My Cornwall journey almost come to the end, the last stop will be the town named Mousehole.

To be continued…


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