Senhor do Bonfim — Tie three knots and make three wishes

What do you know about Brazil except for football, samba, and carnival? Though I have not got any chance to go to Brazil, this country keeps surprising me.

First, the Syrian refugees, I wrote an article early this year talking about it: ‘Open the door to refugees: Does Brazil ready to be the next Superpower?’. Though according, the new Brazilian government suspends the plans to welcome more refugees. Still, as a developing country, Brazil’s generous movement worth to mention.

Then, comes to the 2016 Olympic Games. While the whole world was waiting for the embarrassing moments happened during the open ceremony, being the first South American country to host Olympic Games, Brazil showed the most fabulous and passionate side of the nation.


Finally, here comes the ‘Senhor do Bonfim’, if you search this term online, you will be direct to the page of the municipality named Senhor do Bonfim, located in the northeast of Brazil. Whereas I am not going to talk about the city, I would like to introduce you the Ribbons of Senhor do Bonfim, also known as the Brazilian wish bracelet.

I have been given this special present at the Brazil stand while I was attended the ‘World Travel Market 2016’ in Excel, London on Monday. Like most of the people, I know Brazil famous for its football, carnival, samba, and supermodels. However, this is my first time to heard about another symbol of Brazilian culture: the Ribbons of Senhor do Bonfim.

The Church of Senhor do Bonfim, image from Posto9

Turns out, the Ribbons of Senhor do Bonfim exist for many years, and it has a close relationship with the Church of Senhor do Bonfim, be aware that the church is based at Salvador, instead of the municipality of Senhor do Bonfim.

As the church has the reputation of granting miracles, so the Ribbons of Senhor do Bonfim become the symbol of luck. What you need to do is to tie three knots and make three wishes at the same time, then your wish will come true when the bracelets fall off naturally.


Moreover, different colours also have different meanings:

Yellow – success and intelligence

Dark green – money and growth

Light blue – love and peace

Dark blue – health, comfort, and fertility

Hot pink – friendship

Red  – strength and passion

White  – wisdom and inner peace

Purple – spirituality

Orange – courage and energy

What a nice thing to know about a part of the Brazilian culture. And Aladdin will not be the only magic thing to make your wishes to come true, next time when you go to Brazil, why not try the Ribbon of Senhor do Bonfim?


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