Life is a one-way road — Rocco and His Brothers (1960)

I do not think I can sit somewhere and watch Youtube for 3 hours without moving my ass; to my surprise, I spent 3 hours of my life for an Italian movie called Rocco and His Brothers’ a few weeks ago. Though this is not the longest movie I have ever seen, as a matter of fact, I saw the ‘Gone With the Wind’ for 3 times.

Like its name, pretty straightforward, the movie talks about Rocco and his four brothers, and each brother has their own personalities:


The big brother, Vincenzo, the only brother already lived in Milan while his mother and brothers arrived. A brother basically only cares himself at the beginning and his wife plus kids afterward.

The second brother, Simone, the brother lost himself in Milan, from nothing to the boxing champion, then back to nothing, finally become a murder.

Then comes to Rocco, the middle brother, a sensitive brother who loves his homeland deeply; however, sacrificed his life, love, and dream for his family.

Ciro, not outstanding among his brothers, but well behaved, step by step, find his own way to survive in Milan.

The youngest brother, Luca, probably the most innocent one. Though his life does not have changed dramatically, he observed all the changes happened to his brothers.


This is a movie talking about brotherhood and family; however, it also tells the story about new immigrants. Rocco’s family from southern rural Italy, all the other brothers followed their fleshy mum went to Milan by train to meet Vincenzo, and hopefully living with his brother. However, though Vincenzo lives in Milan, and has a local girlfriend, he does not have his own property.  

Therefore, the family played a trick and finally able to move in the council house. Finally, they started their new life in the city. However, a woman, or more specific, a prostitute changed the brothers’ lives, especially Simone and Rocco’s.


Though in the western country, people seems to prefer to believe that there is no such thing as a dangerous woman; there are only susceptible men. Whereas in China, people regards women as the ‘beauty brings disaster’ (红颜祸水- Hong Yan Huo Shui).

In the end, all the brothers manage to live in their own lives, the youngest brother, Luca, though he spent the less time in his hometown, after things happened around him, he seems to prefer the simplest life back home.

No matter the modernization refer to the city, or globalization refer to the world, people seems easy to lose themselves in the new and fancy places. People do not only need to adapt to all the urban lifestyles, but also need to deal with temptations, money, women, reputation and power.


However, like the prostitute’s said: life is a one-way road. No matter what happen, it is impossible to go back, you need to carry on. It reminds me the Brexit and US election, lots of media describe both of them are the rejection of globalization and some of them even said the globalization it is over.

I could do nothing but just smile, Neither Brexit nor Trump being the president of the US could change the trend of the world. Unless they will cut all the connections with the rest of the world, which I believe none of them will do that.

Britain might leave the European union, but being an ‘independent candidate’, Britain still part of the world; Trump might build the wall between Mexico and the US, but to ‘Make America Great Again’, Trump himself actually owned business around the world and needs immigrants to help him.

Life is a one-way road, you have to be careful to take every step; same with globalization, it will not going to stop, what we need to do is ‘keep calm and carry on’.


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