‘Strip the City’ then dig into the unexpected…

It has been a long time since I watched this series of the documentary presented by the Discovery Channel — Strip the City; however, every time I came across with someone who is working either in construction or geography industry, I always recommend them to take a look.

‘Strip the City’ has been translated to《层层透视大都会》in mainland China, and《拆解型城》in Hong Kong. However, neither of those names able to express the essence of the word ‘Strip’.

Strip the city screenshot- Episode about Dubai

Just like its name, ‘Strip the City’ shows the difference of those city constructions, including buildings, underground, bridges and tunnels. Whereas, this programme focuses on the city, not just one building or one bridge.

For those individual projects, this show will let you know how engineers or supervisor dealing with the problems that the city has. Moreover, it also tells you ‘why’, why people need to fix the issue and why the city has the problem, not only from the construction engineer’s perspective but also from geologists, geotechnical engineers and speleologists.

Strip the city screenshot — Episode about London

As a matter of fact, ‘Strip the City’ series started since 2012 with 2 seasons, total 14 episodes which covered the cities around the world. With all the new technology, visual effects play a vital role to make sure the ordinary audience will understand it very well.

These series unravel a lot of unknown facts about those well-known cities around the world, from the past to the present.

Strip the City screenshot — Episode about Rome

Turns out the harbour city Sydney was a concrete land with rocks a long time ago, while the desert city Dubai was covered by the ocean. The tunnel which feeds the Trevi Fountain actually was built 2000 years ago in order to provide the water to the city; at the same time, there is also one hidden river just under the Buckingham Palace to deliver the sewage.

Except for all those facts, I did learn one thing by watching this programme, which I will use the words by Bart Ney, who is working on the New Bay Bridge based in San Francisco ‘the mother nature is so powerful, we need to find the way to work with her’.

Strip the City screenshot – episode about San Francisco

Season One: Rome, San Francisco, Dubai, Sydney, Toronto, London

Season Two: NYC, Chicago, Venice, Tokyo, New Orleans, Paris, Machu Picchu, LA

Here is the episode about London, enjoy it…


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