Mousehole, more than just the Stargazy pie…

I bet even though you never come to the UK before, you must hear about Stargazy pie, which has been given a poetic Chinese name — 仰望星空(Yang Wang Xing Kong), literally, means ‘look up in the sky’.

The reason Stargazy pie won a lot of attention among Chinese is it ranked the top of the so-called ‘The Ridiculous Looking Food’. The moment when Chinese see the photos of Stargazy pie, normally they could do nothing but laugh. Those popped out fish heads and tails seems does not make any sense, as Chinese dishes always goes for the perfect and gorgeous combination of ‘exterior, smell and taste’.


As a matter of fact, Stargazy pie is not a national dish in the UK, it is a Cornish dish original from a small seaside town called Mousehole. As Mousehole is not far away from Penzance, I spent half a day to visit the town while I was in Cornwall. Turns out, Mousehole is more than just the Stargazy pie.

Departure from the bus station in Penzance, both No.6 or No.6A able to reach the destination; whereas, I chose to walk along the coastline via the S W Coast Path and it only takes me roughly an hour to get there.


Mousehole is much tinier than I thought, the size of the harbour seems even smaller than the round pond in the Kensington Gardens. However, people still seize the sunshine moment to spend the time with families on the beach.

My mission to try the Stargazy pie was unsuccessful as Stargazy pie is the seasonal dish which only available during the Christmas time; whereas, it is easy to spot the elements of Stargazy pie in the town, whether on the street or in the souvenir shops.


To my surprise, the tiny town like Mousehole has a lot of galleries, what I mean a lot is nine galleries according to my counting. I chatted with the owner of one of the galleries, about the painting, the artist and the town. While I was talking to her about Stargazy pie, she told me her daughter-in-law actually from Taiwan, and that was the first time she knew that Stargazy pie has ‘reputation’ in abroad. She even closed the gallery for a short period in order to show me the oldest building in Mousehole and the house of the lady who used to live and wrote the children’s book ‘The Mousehole Cat’.

Accordingly, the white house with blue frame belongs to the writer of the ‘The Mousehole Cat’ © Tian Lan

If you have adventure spirit, try to find a secret path to the top of the hill, then you can enjoy the stunning view of the harbour and the town.

Nice view is always something that we are looking while travelling; at the same time, I really appreciated those kind and generous people I met on the way, the lady offered me a cup of coffee when I was standing in the rain, the Malaysian boy who helped me to take photos at the Minack theatre; the gallery owner who showed me around.

The journey ended, the memories always here.



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