Donald Trump: a game changer or will end up like other politicians?

Eventually, Park Geun-Hye, the president of South Korea had been impeached. Accordingly, half a million Korean celebrated this news with music and fireworks. It reminded me four years ago, while I was still in China and working as a correspondent to report the Korea 2012 presidential election, Park won and became the first female president in South Korea.

Park has done many things Korean never expected even before she became the president. After her mother was assassinated, Park played the role as the first lady until 1979 when her father was also assassinated; then she went to North Korea to meet Kim Jong Il back to 2002.


Not only Korean but also the rest of the world were expected a new era led by the first female elected as head of the country in East Asia. However, everything stopped when the news of the corruption involving collusion between government officials and business owners came out.

The period for Park’s president life. While for Trump, his politician journey just started.


Unlike Park, Trump has zero experience in political, whereas, he is regarded as a successful businessman. That might be the reason Trump always ranting and raving, along with flails when he being asked the question about nuclear triad.

Trump might win the trust of the American people; however, being the president of the most powerful country in the world, Trump’s mission is far more than just building the wall and create jobs for Americans.


Trump just nominated Rex Tillerson, another successful businessman with no government experience to be the US secretary. Apparently, Trump intends to manage the country with the similar way to run a business; whereas, negotiating with other countries could be more complicated than doing business. Trump needs to dealing with a pouch of circumspect and far-seeing politicians who are not only experienced and astute, but also scheming and calculating.

Yes, have a phone call with Taiwan’s president then slams China on Twitter might feel awesome as Trump still got the white house and Obama to clean up the mess at the moment. Though president Xi of China seems doesn’t care and make no comment, while Xinhua News Agency published a commentary named One China is non-negotiable.

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump makes a face as he and his wife Melania and members of their family leave the stage at his caucus night rally in Des Moines

Regarding those politically sensitive issues, Trump still ‘too simple, too naive’. Though the United States seems unbeatable, I bet no one wants to put the country in danger. Further, it is believed that Trump will heavily depend on his think tank when he takes over the power on 20th of January in 2017. In this case, the rest of the world seems more interested in who will join Trump in the White House rather than Trump’s irresponsible announcements on social media.

Nevertheless, will Trump to become the game changer to test the baselines of other countries? Or will he end up like other politicians? Let us wait and see…


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