Why Trump not build the wall between Canada and US?

The question might sound stupid.

As we all know, US has land border connected to only two countries: Canada and Mexico.

One of the most famous statements announced by the president-elected Trump is to build the wall between the US and Mexico. At the same time, many Canadian quite worry about that Americans will flee to Canada after the US election. As a matter of fact, Canadian seems wants a wall rather than Trump between the US and their homeland.


Everyone wants to have an amazing ‘neighbour’, same with the United States. The amazing neighbour who sent 1500 ‘illegal cross-border’ Americans has been flushed from the American side of the St. Clair River to Canadian side while taking part in the annual ‘Port Huron Float Down’ back home on August. At the same time, the country cannot be a threat to America.

However, not all the neighbours could be ‘amazing’ as you want. Mexico seems always related to drugs, gangs and crimes according to the media coverage. The majority of Hollywood movies (e.g. We’re the Millers) and TV series (e.g. Weeds) sets Mexico to be the base where illegal traders and drug dealers from.


Indeed, no matter the economic development or education level, Mexico cannot compete with Canada. In an old-fashion way, Mexico is still a developing country which has less bargaining power. Whereas, the ‘one size fits all’ policy is a step towards to back which in reality it would be difficult to implement.

As a matter of fact, a lot of friends I know who vote for Brexit during the EU referendum and those who vote for Trump to be the president are not unhappy with immigration. Still, some people would like to follow the trend on social media which I really cannot understand. Someone I met once who claimed she is the ‘consequence’ of globalisation, regarded herself as a British and proposed people should go back to the countries they were born, though she was original from Malaysia and now settled in the UK.


Honestly, I do not think anyone can go back to the ancient society without communicating with people from other places, I bet no one will admit they are apemen with no evolution and development. Both Trump and Theresa May are not stupid, they might raise the barriers to immigrants, but they will not say no to talents and valuable investments.

In this case, the wall between the US and the Mexico might be imperative, the function of the ‘Trump Wall’ is not aiming to block all Mexican migrants, so those people who vote Trump because of this might get disappointed.


18th of December is International Migrants Day, I really agree with the chief executive officer of East European Resource Centre, Barbara Drozdowicz’s words: ‘We (as migrants) should stop to be grateful to live in the UK and apologize all the time, we just happened to live the place which is not the country we were born’ at the Migrant Voice autumn event 2016.

2016 might be a backwards year refer to globalisation; however, the history always teach us nothing really can go back to the start point. I guess adjust ourselves to the changing circumstances and seize the time could be the best solution.


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