Hyde Park Winter Wonderland — Welcome to the ‘Germanland’

There is no place like Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London has such charm during the winter. Thousands and thousands people gathered at this corner of the Hyde Park from all over the world intending to have a ‘London-style’ Christmas; whereas, the Winter Wonderland for me is the land of Germany.

Though this is only the third year for me to visit Winter Wonderland, this annual temporary Christmas market and amusement park celebrates its 10th birthday this year. The scale of the whole thing seems always larger than the year before; however, this is my first time to realise that this so-called landmark in London is actually composed by German elements.


One of the biggest amusement rides on the site is ‘Munich Looping’, aka ‘Olympia Looping’, which is the world’s largest roller coaster. Even though you do not read German, I bet ‘Munich’ already make the point.


Then comes with the ‘Wilde Maus XXL’, another large size roller coaster will mess up your gravity, which not far away from Munich Looping.


Moreover, you might notice a giant man with a bird on his wrist while you are nearby. Occupied almost one-fifth of Winter Wonderland, which I think the most crowded place on the set. German sausage with German beer, plus German music and waitress in Germany’s traditional suit. Of course, everything here is in the German style as this area is called ‘The Bavarian Village’.


Actually, this is not the first time amusement equipment from Germany is lent by the others. Back to 2007, it is believed the biggest beer festival in Asia, the ‘Qingdao International Beer Festival’ had the whole amusement area was full of carnival rides from Germany.

As some of you might know the Europa Park has been named the best amusement park in the world, which base in Germany. But according to the European Amusement and Theme Park Industry report done by D&J in 2014, Germany was not the biggest country benefit from the business of amusement parks, France was. However, I believe that referring to the amusement equipment lent, Germany must be the country people will make the deal with.


The majority of people’s concern will be the safety issue, then comes to the experience of excitement and stimulation. ‘Made in Germany’ seems always equal with a high standard of quality and assurance of safety. This might be one of the reasons you see amusement rides, especially the most excited ones in those temporary amusement parks are all from Germany.

Nevertheless, if you happened to be in London, the Winter Wonderland will last until 2nd of 2017; if you are not, do not worry, just come next year, I bet you will still see German elements around.


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