Unexpected December 26th, far more than just the ‘Boxing Day’…

To people who live in the UK and those former British colonies, like Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, 26th of December means ‘Boxing Day’ which lots of people will go for shopping as almost all the stores will have amazing discounts.


While for UK’s close neighbour Ireland, 26th of December is the so-called ‘Wren Day’ which in Irish is ‘Lá an Dreoilín’. On the day, people will dressed up with straw suits as ‘wrenboys’, then ‘hunt’ the fake wren, though back to 20th century, real wrens have been hunted by ‘wrenboys’.


Netherland will celebrate the ‘Second Christmas’ on 26th of December, though people will spend the day pretty much same like the Christmas Day. Only couples may able to have two Christmas feasts in each other’s parental homes.


In the South Pacific Ocean, for the country consist roughly 80 islands — Vanuatu celebrate December 26th as the annual ‘Family Day’. Obviously, people will enjoy the day with their family members by engaging in the festive meal and variety celebration events.


At the same time, the Caribbean country Bahamas have ‘Junkanoo’ parade across the country, people will dress the traditional Igbo customs and dance on the street. Further, this festival could be traced back to a few centuries ago.


Then for believers of Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest religions regards 26th of December as the day of mourning the Iranian prophet Zoroaster, which called ‘Zartosht No-Diso’. Lectures and discussions will hold on the day and prayers will go to the fire temple for worship.


For those people who lives in Padstow, Cornwall, England, 26th of December is ‘Mummer’s Day’ or ‘Darkie Day’. Instead of shopping, citizens of Cornwall will painted their faces in black and wear dark clothing, then join the guise dancing. Though the black-painted faces have been regarded as racist, as a matter of fact, the tradition had no connection with black people.


Interestingly enough, December 26th is also the so-called ‘National Whiners Day’, though the day is for people to whine, the creator of this holiday, Rev. Kevin Zaborney actually wants people to appreciate what they already have. By the way, the president-elect of the United States Donald Trump has been chosen to be the most famous whiner in the year of 2015.


According to David Comfort’s ‘Just Say Noel: A History of Christmas from the Nativity to the Nineties’, 26th of December is also the ‘God-Awful Tie Day’ as male seems suffered from the Deadweight Loss at Christmas time regarding the rate of gift changing.

Enjoy your 26th of December and Merry Christmas!

Merry Xmas


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