The alternative ways to celebrate the December 31st

For the majority of people around the world, 31st of December seems quite straightforward means the end of a year. Though lots of Chinese still regards the Chinese Lunar New Year as the start of the year.

While there are many other countries or places around the world celebrate the last day of the year in their own ways and with their own styles, let us explore it.



Japanese celebrate the end of the year with Namahage’s visiting; according to the traditional Japanese folklore, the namahage is a demon whom will march around the street to warm naughty kids. Now namahage normally performed by males with makeup and traditional dress on. Furthermore, namahage was showed up on the first full moon night according to the lunar calendar, but nowadays it becomes the tradition on the 31st of December.



People who live in Samoa normally spend the last night of the year with Samoan Fire Dance, also known as the Fire Knife Dancing. Though nowadays the Fire Knife Dancing become more commercial, still it is part of Samoa’s traditional culture.



Scottish has their own words for New Year’s Eve which is ‘Hogmanay’, so if anyone is planning to spend their last night in Edinburgh, ‘hogmanay’ will be the word you hear a lot on the spot.



Through December 31st is the last day of the old year, for people who lives in North America, especially in Boston, people celebrate the New Year’s Eve as the ‘First Night’. Normally, the celebration will conjoin with New Year to become ‘First Night First Day’ event. If you happen to be in Boston this year, you do not want to miss it.


El Salvador, Honduras and Pakistan

In El Salvador, Honduras and Pakistan, people do not need to work on 31st of December as the day will be ‘bank holiday’ for them. No need to stay in the offices or schools, just enjoy the last day of the year.



You might do not know, the ‘Leap Second’ will happen at 23:59:60 UTC on 31st of December in 2016, while the most recent leap second occurred on June 30, 2015, at 23:59:60 UTC. So what is the ‘lead second’? Basically, leap second is one second added to UTC occasionally in order to keep the time close to the mean solar time.

Of course, with no detail records, 31st of December also the ‘Make up your mind day’ and ‘You’re All Done Day’, I guess the last day of the year indeed a good time to make some decisions and move on.

Looking forward to the year 2017 and wish you a happy new year!



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