The UK is ready for the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year

Canada may set the Chinese Lunar New Year to be the public holiday, but the whole UK is ready for the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Invited by the London Chinatown Chinese Association, I went to the Hippodrome Casino for the Chinese New Year Celebrations in the UK (2017) Preview Party.


According to the latest information gathered by Jo Leslie, the manager of the Great China Welcome programme from VisitBritain, there are 19 cities already confirmed that there will be variety celebration events and activities during the Chinese Lunar New Year, while more cities might join in afterwards.


Brighton could be the first city to start the celebration almost a week before the New Year’s day. CEDP Chinese Centre based in Brighton will organise the celebration on 21st of January with the lion dance, singing, traditional instruments and dance. Isle of wight will present the electric woods event ‘Spirit of the Orient’ from 27th to 29th to celebrate the year of Rooster.

Lunar New Year Decoration. Photo from Xinhua

The representatives from London, Manchester and Edinburgh explained the more details about their plan. The celebration in Manchester will last from 26th to 29th, you might miss the first day, but you will definitely to catch up the other three days. Edinburgh will continue to combine the traditional Burns night with the Chinese Lunar New Year to host The Chinese Burns Supper on 26th of January.


As the heart of the Britain, London will continue to surprise people with a variety of activities, for more details, please see my early post: New attractions for Chinese Lunar New Year 2017 celebration in London.

In addition, Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Leeds, York, Liverpool, Newcastle, Portsmouth and Glasgow already made plans for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration.

Lucky money. Photo from CCTV

It seems no matter where are you, there will be a celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year. By the way, do not forget to claim your red envelope (aka lucky money) when you are shopping in certain shopping malls based in Edinburgh and London.


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