Blue Monday in Blue January, how ‘blue’ will the day be?

Finally, London welcomed the first snow on Thursday night and a proper one on Friday, though nothing seems left afterwards in central London, at least, it looks like winter.

Screenshot of Sainsbury’s Christmas advert 2016 – The Greatest Gift

However, London is the city could be affected by even one piece of snow, the Christmas advertisement of the year 2016 done by Sainsbury also use this point to make fun of it. Nevertheless, 80 flights have been cancelled at Heathrow Airport; highways had been closed; more than 40 flood warnings had been issued.  

Snow on Friday in London 2017 ©Tian Lan

Then I saw someone post on the social media that turns out the 13th of January was the so-called ‘Black Friday’, what a coincident!

The good thing is we all made it, whereas the most depressing day of the year is coming, 16th of January, which being regards as the ‘Blue Monday’.

Westminster Abby, ‘Lumiere London’ in 2016 ©Tian Lan

As a matter of fact, this is my first time heard about ‘Blue Monday’, I only get to know the term of ‘Blue January’ back to 2016, while I was the volunteer for the ‘Lumiere London’. Artists tried to active the city and cheer up people by showing their works with colourful lights.

It is not difficult to imagine why people do not like January, post-festival mood with no money left in the purse, bad weather plus little daylight, sometimes, I just want to lay in bed without doing anything or even thinking.


Accordingly, the so-called ‘Blue Monday’ could be traced back to 2005, a travel company hired people to analyse people’s holiday trends, though there are two formulas you can find to calculate the date, normally the third Monday of January has been named as the ‘Blue Monday’.

It seems we find another excuse to be lazy; however, it could be another potential commercial sales opportunities for business. Why not? Taobao, the online shopping site based in China, turns every 11th of November to the world’s biggest shopping event as the date was supposed to ‘memorize’ those pitiful single persons.


Well, someone already sees the opportunity. According to Metro, Franco Manca already offers free pizza for those people whose birthday is during January, I did not get any money for this, just wants some of you to get a free pizza.

Nevertheless, what I learnt from my experience is not let the others decide your mood, ‘Black Friday’ is not that bad, ‘Blue Monday’ can be bright as well.


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