Fancy high technology does not work all the time…

It seems our life always driven by the development of technology nowadays; whereas, there are some points that people takes over the charge and says ‘no’ to those fancy high tech.

It sounds like a paradox, as the high tech are innovated by people as well. However, those people might just a small amount of genius, and for the rest of world, I bet people still willing to adopt things that make their life easier instead of messing up everything.

The Queens Speech in 3D.

Recently, certain major TV manufacturers, including LG and Sony, announced that they are stopping produce 3DTV which followed by Samsung who already give up the concept last year.

Tech fails are not new things for us; however, they are not things people will be proud with, so people normally just let it go without making any noise. Whereas, that is where we learn, after all, failures are the pillars of success.

Avatar English Poster

Though 3DTV was a hot topic years ago, people seems ready for the new revolution in the TV industry. It was never in my house planning, one main reason is I rarely watch TV nowadays; moreover, I already have my glasses on, I do not have separate nose and ears for another one.

At the same time, 3D also suffered the pressure from the public, do we really need 3D, I mean ALL the time? Yes, the movie ‘Avatar’ directed by James Cameron might trigger another heat of the 3D film production. Well, as a matter of fact, the 3D movie exist for far more long time than you think.

People watching 3D movie in the past

Back to 1890s, people already started to do the stereoscopic films; then, comes ‘The Power of Love’ which was regarded as the first 3D film in the world has been released by 1922. The curiosity of people never going to last long unless there are more to discover. Soon, people lose the interest in 3D films, plus it was too expensive to make and wearing glasses made people dizzy.

Then, James Cameron brings it back in 2009. Bomb! Another heat wave! Followed by hundreds of movies made in 3D, no matter what genres they are. Then, comes another cooling period. Still uncomfortable and still expensive. Turns out, history seems indeed just loops.


It reminds me the ‘past-tense’ product – Google Glass, when it first came out, seems you have to have one if you are a tech geek. Whereas, as time pass by, it seems weird people wear a pair of glasses without glasses on. Plus, a lot of people complained that they felt they were under surveillance while talking to those who wear Google Glass.

I still believe that tech should survive for people, instead of requiring people to be a genius to adopt high-tech. For the television, people seems more interested in AR as they do not need to wear anything to have the stereoscopic experience; for the movie, an old fashion romantic musical comedy-drama film, yes, I mean ‘La La Land’, still attract more attentions.

Sometimes, we might need to pause or step back; or, we actually just repeat the history, over and over again…

Will VR become another heat wave?

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