Someone who has zero fashion sense at the London Fashion Week 2017…

Last night (21st of Feb), the luxury brand Burberry handed its final ‘test’ at the London Fashion Week, many people who are working in fashion industry immediately spot the next trend will be capes. However, for someone like me, who has zero knowledge about fashion, but got involved in this year’s LFW can only tell: at least, many clothes are wearable.

A cleaner is working on the set for London Fashion Week 2017 ©Tian Lan

Fashion is the world that I barely can understand, but willing to observe from aside. One interesting fact I learned from my very first fashion week covering is most of the so-called catwalks only last for 10 to 15 minutes, even though big brand like Burberry, the whole show just around 16 minutes. So those people who are expecting to see something like the annual Victoria’s Secret show, London Fashion Week is not the right place for you.

You might already notice that by watching the video online; however, the truth is cruel if you watch the show on the set.

People are waiting to get inside of the BFC Show Space ©Tian Lan


If your names are not on the same paper with Anna Wintour, though you received the invitation letter just like anybody else, you still need to be there at least 30 minutes before the show start. Not only because the security check or registration, but also for finding a better spot for yourself on the set. Only those VIPs already reserved their seats at the front row; moreover, some of the shows kicked off at 9:00 am which really unacceptable by late birds. Fortunately, the weather during the LFW 2017 was lovely enough.

And remember, the show only last about 10 minutes after all…

(photos via @PatrickMcMullan, @NYTFashion)

Squeeze together

Chairs with arms and chairs, only available for certain shows and certain people. For most catwalk shows, no matter who you are, even though Beckham family needs to squeeze with other people on the long bench without back. To be honest, the bench at the BFC Show Space for LFW was not that comfortable at all. Well, the good thing is the show is short enough to escape from the solid bench.

Presentation by NEWGEN Paula Knorr at BFC Presentation Space ©Tian Lan

For those designers who are not able to put up a 10 minutes’ catwalk or any other unknown reasons, the presentation is the alternative way to present their works at the fashion week. I personally prefer presentation instead of the catwalk. It last longer than the catwalk, enable you to have more time and chances to take a closer look at the designs.

However, during the 5 days’ LFW, the showcase for the International Fashion Showcase 2017, which as part of the London Fashion Week at Somerset House called Local/Global drew my attention. Pieces made by emerging fashion designers from 26 countries which contain their own cultures and traditions.

Local/Global showcase, Russia and Slovakia sections ©Tian Lan

Moreover, Slovakia also using some high technology to make the show more interactive. In the middle of the room, there are different items on the table that represents different designers. Simply to put one item under the projector, the spotlight will then focus on the designer’s work with its own soundtrack as well. At the same time, Russia section also has some visual designs that could be interesting.

London Fashion Week February 2017 almost been wrapped as today is the last day, fashion icons are busy with the next round which will be in September. Will there be any change or more surprises 6 months later? We will see…


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