The consequence of confessing love is losing it at the same time — Review of ‘Two women’ (2014)

Do you remember the last time when you saw a movie that you were not able to predict the ending? Well, here comes the Russian movie — Two women (2014).

The movie based on the play ‘A Month in the Country’ which has been filmed in English for 5 times in the past; however, this is the first time for me to learn about it.

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Though the film is called ‘Two women’, the relationships in the movie are much more complicated. In a word, the one I loved doesn’t love me, whilst someone I don’t love who loves me.

Sounds boring enough; however, it is a pure love story. A story set back to 1850 in the countryside, with no more than 20 characters including the maids. There is no business conspiracy or political ambitions, only the compromise of love.

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Everyone scared of losing their loves, so everyone is depressing their true feelings; everyone wants to stay beside their loves, but no one can have everything. There is no happy ending in the entangled love world, there is always someone who sacrificed more than the other. 

To tell a bittersweet love story, the colours and music seem critical. To be honest, I saw the shades of Jane Austen’s movies; thought all the ladies in Austen’s works were living with their loves happily after. While in this movie, no one has such blessing.

May happy endings only exist in fairy tales…


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