Stand-in for the Oscars, a group of unknown people who accomplished the perfect show

La La Land, Emma Stone, Hollywood…when you search ‘Oscar 2017’ online, these terms will pop up immediately; while there is a group of people, their faces and names might never show up on the screen…

No doubt the Oscar is the highest honour for people, no matter where are you from, who is working in film industry. Though the Oscars, or the official title ‘Academy Awards’ was set for encouraging the United States film industry. Nowadays, it already becomes a global event; moreover, it is getting better.

The screenshot of the Oscars in 2016

However, to organise a show in this scale, as we all know, there are thousands of people are behind the screen. Directors, cameramen, lighting designers, stage designer and etc. Whereas there is a group people I never know they exist before today, and some of them have been working for Oscars for more than a decade or even more, they are stand-ins for Oscars rehearsals.

I bet everyone heard about body doubles who substitutes for actors to do some dangerous scenes or any other reasons in the films or TV dramas shooting, though their faces will not show on the screen, they technically in the show; while stand-ins are people who substitute for technical purposes, normally before filming, in this case, you will never see them on the screen.

Behind the scene of filming the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

So you might ask, what do you mean by ‘technical purposes’? Well, you might hear a lot from the interviews of Fifty Shades actors recently that talking about sex scenes are not steamy as you think. They are more technical, like choreography. Shooting a scene needs the perfect camera and lighting setting; moreover, you need to make sure that boom operator themselves and their microphones will not show up.

Stand-in for Huge Jackman who hosted the Oscars in 2009

We are now only talking about a movie scene, maybe there is only one or two cameras and no more than 20 people on the set. However, accordingly, there are 35 or 40 cameras at the Oscars, in order to catch the moment when the winner being announced, not only cameramen but also directors, editors and sounds editors needs to practice again and again. Whereas, no one wants to see the fake smiling faces on the winners. So instead of using real nominees for the rehearsal, stand-ins are being introduced for this purpose.

Monitor screen with all the cameras at 2016 Oscars rehearsal

You might think they just sit there to pretend someone famous or wandering around to help cameramen find the perfect shooting angle. Sounds like an easy going job. Then you are wrong. As a matter of fact, they are professional actors, whilst they prefer to call themselves ‘rehearsal actors’. They do not only need to form their own speeches for those actors they substituted, remember all the names they need to thank just like the potential winner will do. They also need to imitate the walking and talking speed and so many other things that when you need to pretend to be someone else.

Stand-ins are rehearsing for the Oscars

According to one of the stand-ins, normally they have at least five rehearsals as no one knows who will win, so they need to rehearse all the scenarios.

Now you may know the reasons that the Oscars seems always perfect, though those Oscars nominees are always the focus, without those people working behind the scene, without stand-ins whose names and faces seems will never show on the screen of Oscars, the show will never become a show.

Stand-in rehearse for the Oscars

When you see those glamorous actors on the Oscars stage in the future, please also remember those stand-ins who accomplished the perfect show.

Here is the Youtube link of stand-in: ‘For This Rehearsal Only: The Life of a Stand-In At The Oscars’…


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