A movie you are not willing to see for the 2nd time – A Serbian Film

I do not think I am a horror movie genre fan; however, turns out I watched quite a number of horror movies in the past. Then I realised I personally prefer those mental torture films instead of just using sounds or violent images to scare people.

‘Orphan’ and ‘Joshua’ are two films that I really enjoyed, every time when people ask me about good horror movies suggestions, I always recommend these two. If you never see them before, as a matter of fact, these two movies seem the female and male version of one story, a story about jealous.

a serbian film

Nevertheless, I do not mind to see this type of movie for more than one time; there is one film that I am not willing to see again which called ‘A Serbian Film’, if I can use one word to describe this movie, that will be ‘hardcore’.

I remember the first time to come across the information about this movie was in the university, I saw a piece of film review on the ‘Movie View’ magazine, though I cannot recall the details about the review, I realised this movie is gonna different from Hollywood films. Turns out, I am right.

a serbian film 1

Everything you can imagine about a horror movie all exists in this one, things you might never think about are also can be found in the movie. Basically, this is the movie that challenges your baseline.

According to IMDB, the cut version available to the audience who are over 18; while the uncut version only for 21 plus. The interesting thing is you will find a short sentence followed which literally write: *In my opinion, I don’t recommend anyone watching this version.*

Overall, if you are a fan of the horror movie and you have not seen this yet, try ‘A Serbian Film’, I assume it will be your first time to see it, as well as the last time.


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