Self-media, remember to take the responsibility of every single word you say

Yesterday, the terror attack in Westminster draw a lot of attention around the world. This morning, the prime minister Theresa May announced that people who were injured are including 12 Britons and people of 10 other nationalities. Tonight, the attacker’s identity has finally been revealed.

I have been following closely with all the updates since yesterday afternoon, however, what I found it worth considering is the identification of the attacker.

The New Scotland Yard is definitely the premier resource, then for the majority of people, it comes to the BBC and Sky news. Though I did not recall any memory that any of these resources mentioned a word about the attacker’s nationality or ethnic; even a clear photo of the suspect has been revealed later.

The first post about the ethnic of the attacker I saw from Wechat (a Chinese version of the combination of Whatsapp and Twitter), it was a Chinese written news report, then the second post from another friend with another Chinese report. All the reports mentioned one word ‘Asian’.

First of all, ‘Asian’ this term would cause many confusions. The definition of ‘Asian’ in the UK is totally different from China (I believe it happens to other countries as well). As British separates Chinese from Asian; however, for Chinese, when you talking about Asian, they believe you include Chinese. Then, where is the news resource? As I mentioned before, I did not hear any word about the ethnic background neither from the police regularly reports or BBC.

Then I have been told from one guy who posts the news, he said his resource from Daily Star, as a matter of fact, it was my first time hearing about this newspaper. Then I found another news report on Daily Mail using the title started with ‘Asian man’ (unfortunately I forgot to screenshot the report). Afterwards, another piece of news from The Independent.

However, none of them confirmed in their reports that the information came from the official resources. If you read the news has been published by those Chinese self-media accounts, you, you will immediately believe that from some official resources.

Well, news resource from a tabloid? Seriously?!

There was one thing I found from the Sky News live yesterday afternoon, the correspondent mentioned three French students has been injured in the incident, by that time, this news has not been confirmed, so she added ‘according to the French media, has not been confirmed by Sky News’, not once, but twice.

People told me to hold back and said ‘what if he is an Asian?’. Excuse me? This is not a quiz game, if you are right, you get a reward. This is a piece of serious news, people from all around the world are eager to know the truth, as their family, friends or loved ones might be involved.

I still remember one scene in the HBO show ‘The Newsroom’, when Sloan Sabbith announced the radiation levels goes up to 7 before the official confirmation, though proves she was right, she still needs to apologise to the public, because that is what we called ‘professional conduct’.

Moreover, certain Chinese news posts mentioned ‘three suspects’ on their social media accounts. If ‘Asian’ came from UK’s tabloids, then I have no idea whoever mentioned ‘three suspects’. Three gun shots, three policemen and three French students has been injured were all been confirm by later yesterday. Three suspects?! Are you kidding me?

It is hard nowadays working as a news person, you always want to be the first one to report the news or have the exclusive news, especially when you are working as a self-media reporter. However, one thing you should bear in mind is you also need to take the responsibility of every single word you say.


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