Living in the contemporary world: From Selfie to Self-Expression

The equivalent energy can be only calculated as the mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, as we all know ‘E = mc 2’. Whereas, ‘art’ is the subject that could be interpreted in thousand ways.

Sponsored by Huawei, Saatchi Gallery presented its latest exhibition ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression’ on 30th of March, 2017.

Different from certain contemporary art that you might have no idea what is about, even after you read the description or listen to the artist’s explanation. The theme of ‘From Selfie to Self-Expression’ pretty much matches the name: selfie and self-expression.

Selfie to Self-Expression
Selfie to Self-Expression, Saatchi Gallery

The opening remarks always play the most important part of an article or a show. Same with the setting of the exhibition. The section 1 is already surprised most of the visitors, all kinds of self-portraits from the past that only existed on canvas, here been presented on the digital screens. What is more, each portrait has a mobile phone besides that you can tap ‘Like’ it. What a creative way to combine the contemporary art with modern lifestyle. This is definitely not the first attempt, I believe this will not be the last time.

Selfie to Self-Expression

I bet there are thousand of selfies has been posted on social media platforms every day, while millions have been taken. But to be outstanding, you might either to be creative: like the guy took all his selfies with the billboards with women’s faces on (though I think it is creepy); or simply have guts: like those adventurers who took their selfies on the top of skyscrapers; or just to be famous: the most tweeted selfie took by Ellen Degeneres at the Oscar can be found here; of course, Kim Kardashian’s butts also has been printed out.

Selfie to Self-Expression1.jpg
Selfie to Self-Expression, Saatchi Gallery

The view of the whole exhibition could be full of surprises and fun, but it also could be thought-provoking. Standing in the room with all security cameras around you, being targeted and confirmed, though you try to escape from one camera, you end up on the other monitors. Literally, you have the feeling that ‘big brother is watching you’.

The exhibition will last until the 30th of May, admission is free. I was queued for more than an hour to get in on the private view night, but I can guarantee you it is worth for.


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