London Marathon 2017: Keep calm and continue to run…

23rd of April, 2017, one of the most exciting running event has been set off from Greenwich and finish at The Mall in the centre of London. Only one month after the horrible Westminster Attack.

Accordingly, more than 40,000 runners from all around the world joined this year’s marathon which breaks the last year’s record. At the same time, 6000 volunteers and hundreds of staff and guards are on the set to help out. Roughly 800,000 spectators were standing along the roads to cheer their family and friends up.

Mini Marathon. Image: Tian Lan


From the mini marathon in the morning to the wheelchairs and para-athletics, from the Elites male and female runners to the public who mainly are running for the charities. The London Marathon runs from early in the morning until late night.

To support an event like this scale is not easy, especially regarding the security. According to The Telegraph, hundreds of police officers from Metropolitan Police, the City of London Police and British Transport Police took part in this event, and no surprise, extra police forces has been sent along the route to make sure nothing will happen.

Briefing Time. Image: Tian Lan

Towards to the Buckingham Palace, the security seems more intense than ever, police officers stand in a line faces towards to the spectators. Not to mention the tight security defence while Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, plus Prince Harry showed up not only at the start point but also at the water station and finish line.


However, London is a place to create magic. The public still has access to the areas that they can enjoy the racing; family and friends still able to shout loud to support all the runners; even St James Park is still open to the public that may not interest in the marathon but would like to relax in the park on Sunday afternoon.

Duchess of Cambridge awarded the medals for runners Image: Tian Lan

Things may change in certain points (Things are changing, almost a month after the Westminster attack…), but just like the fake tube notice after the attack a month ago. People here in London still went on the street and celebrated one of the most exciting things happened in the city.

It is about the spirit and belief, nothing ahead is predictable, we learnt from the passed but does not mean we will stop. Keep calm and continue to run, that is the message that London Marathon 2017 sent to us.

Data resource: ITV; The Telegraph


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