Life is about living, not just surviving…

hen Life in London just came to the end…

Due to the job requirement, I relocated myself to a small town which about 160 miles away from London recently.

Ever since people ask me: how is the life in London? My answer is always: I can survive.

I bet everyone will list more than a thousand reasons why they love London, I am no exception. However, life in London is not as glamorous as most of the people think.

First of all, traveling and living is totally different. Being a tourist, seeing Tower Bridge could be the dream came true; however, while I was living in the East London, Tower Bridge is just a bridge that I always pass by almost every single day. When you literally settle in the city, your focus becomes different, then things just changed.


Living in London particularly, black suits and high heels went passed each other without any eye contact; people on the tube either face down to the books or pretend never cares. Honestly speaking, I kind of like this when I was young because this sounds so cool; moreover, this represents big city lifestyle.

The giant city like London always keeps people busy, constantly networks, meetings, exhibitions, meetups, shows and invitations… Everyone’s schedules are full of businesses, but everyone is looking for more to fill the gaps.

For those people who grow up in the massive city, stories could be different; however, for people like me, who are from relatively small cities or even small towns or villages, living in the big city is desirable, as well as struggle.

Money is only one small portion of this struggle, yet very important, I spent almost half of my salary to the rent and transport. Try to figure out ways to earn more, because there is almost no way I can spend less. Then, try to fit the ‘big city formula’ emotionally and physically, to be cool, to be careless, to be proud of living in this city and to be proud of ourselves who can survive in this city.

We almost forget the real meaning of life, it is not only about surviving, it is about living our own life and it is about enjoying the life.

I now paid half for my new place in the new town, I have my sperate study room and a garden. I never expected a photo like this attracted a lot of ‘likes’ and comments on my social media page.


Nevertheless, experience in the big city is necessary, living in London is indeed a blessing for everyone who has the chance. Just do not forget yourself and do not forget there are more to explore in life and in the world.

Ciao, London…


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