The Fake News Show – It is not only about the British humour

Last night, a relatively new show on Channel 4 caught my eyes: The Fake News Show’, a comedy panel game show.

Though the pilot was on air early this year, the full series just started since mid of May. The schedule of the show could not be simple anymore, two teams are sorting out which stories are true, which are based on various stories read by the host.

However, even those fake stories used to be published as news on multiple platforms or have been spread around the public. Ironically enough, the quantity of fake news nowadays enables to produce a brand new TV show.

As a matter of fact, fake news is not something new, remember this famous photo was shot by 1934? Used to be regarded as the most convincing evidence for the existence of the Loch Ness Monster, turns out to be a hoax.

Loch Ness Monster
The “surgeon’s photograph” of 1934, now known to have been a hoax

If the fake news was just an individual case from time to time, and people who made up the news still have the sense of shame in the past. Nowadays, we are surrounded by fake news almost every single day and seems nobody cares where is from and where is goes.

We all know neither BBC or CNN could be the origin of fake news, as the first principal to report the news as a professional journalist is to acquire at least two news sources. But the truth is fewer people watching BBC or CNN now, all the news come from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Fortunately, I grow up by checking real dictionaries and reference books, though Google is now my priority for searching, I still able to go back to the old fashion; moreover, that knowledge already solid in my mind when I was young will not be modified by the rumours and fake news online nowadays. However, for the new generation who might never be going to read actual books, how to make sure they have the ‘second resource’ to confirm it?

Teaching the youngster to distinguish real news and fake news is not enough anymore, as most of them rather believe iPad or Wikipedia than you or me. However, to teach people how to identify fake news could be the very first step.  

Photo from NBC News
The threatened moth named after Donald Trump. Photo from NBC News

British utilize their typical humour to highlight this urgent issue, at least, audience get to know that certain news they read or see are not real; whereas some others could be truth, for example: ‘A study about butter, funded by the butter industry, found that butter is bad for you’ and ‘Blonde-Haired Moth With Small Genitals Named After Donald Trump’.

People seems to have extreme tolerance referring fake news; however, fake news just like weeds will spread everywhere if there are no more decrees to regulate it.

It is the time to take it seriously.


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