Titanic, far more than just a romantic movie…

Titanic Belfast, another place on my wishlist has been ticked.

I bet 90% of people know Titanic due to James Cameron’s movie, including me. I was too young to be allowed to see the movie back to 1997; however, the iconic movie seems never out of date.

I believe one of the reasons the movie touched by a lot of people is it was based on a true event. Titanic, one of the largest ships back to early 20 century indeed exist, and it still exists; whereas lying at the bottom of Atlantic ocean.


Before I visited the Titanic Belfast, most of my knowledge about this giant came from the movie; turns out, the Titanic Belfast has nothing to do or only one ten-thousandth connection with the movie, the rest of them is something that I never think about, but really appreciated getting to know.

The product of economic booming and competition

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland nowadays; surprisingly, was the largest linen producer, whiskey exporters, and had the world’s largest shipyard. Moreover, not only products need to travel, businessmen and migrants also need to go back and forth between Europe and North America.

White Star Line, the company which built Titanic, actually planned to meet the demand, as well as to drive more business as the competition with Curnard was getting serious.


In this case, not only Titanic but also Olympic and Britannic were also been built. Back then, Titanic was nothing too special, as all of them were representing the best technology and people’s confidence at the time.

However, along with the ships been built up, another wave of economic booming was on. Hundreds of crew members, thousands of maids were needed; tons of food and linens were prepared for those giants.

Finally, Titanic was ready to sail.

One way ticket

There is a photo booth at the entrance of the Titanic tour, to allow tourists to take photos with the photoshopped Titanic behind. For some reason, it makes me quite blue, one thing cannot be denied, it was a one-way journey.

The 3D exhibition shows the view of Titanic, from the boiler room to the cafe, then the 1st class dining room to the ballroom, finally reach to the captain’s bridge. Not surprising that people nowadays are still fancy Titanic, the luxurious furniture and decorations are stunning.


Nonetheless, it took three years to build Titanic, no more than 3 hours to sink it. Rumors about fewer rescue ships are incorrect; turns out, Titanic has more rescue ships on board, but due to lack of knowledgeable crew members, a lot of rescue ship only half full. In this case, more Jacks can be rescued actually…

The reason that more first-class passengers have been rescued is most of the people from 3rd class barely understand English, therefore, highly possible they cannot follow the instruction. Surprisingly, there were 8 Chinese shipmen on board, six of them has been rescued.

Titanic, the movies…

This indeed a journey full of surprises, James Cameron’s Titanic was the 7th movie about the tragedy, the first Titanic movie ‘Saved from the Titanic‘ was produced only 29 days after the accident as one of the rescued passengers was a Hollywood movie star — Dorothy Gibson.


Afterwards, Titanic (1943) was produced in Germany; Titanic (1953) was a story about an unhappily married couple; A Night to Remember (1958) led by Honor Blackman; many scenes from the S.O.S. Titanic (1979) shoot on the R.M.S. Queen Mary; while Raise the Titanic (1980) has three nominations at the 1st Golden Raspberry Awards.

Eventually, the story of Rose and Jack dominate people’s understanding about Titanic. Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ seems will last forever; moreover, the wreck of the RMS Titanic also become timeless.

The very last section of the tour shows the videos of the wreck nowadays, nothing from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean can be found in the museum as people believes that they belong to where they were.

A few memorials have been placed on the wreck, to commemorate those people and dreams has been buried in the ocean. Sadly, the story about Titanic will forever end up with the sad ending…


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