Bleeding Heart Yard: Only a Street Away from the Happiness

Road names seem always reflect parts of the history of the city or the town. I grow up in the city that using all the cities names in China as the road names, I quite convinced that it might be the reason that my geography is not bad.

Whilst I was travelling in Tibet, I found my city’s name as the road name in Xigaze,and there is another town using another city in my province as the road name. Turns out, all those places have been offered help from those cities, to thank people’s generous from those cities, the Tibet government chose to use those cities’ names as their road names. I honestly do not know if this is true or not, but this is what my local Tibetan guide told me.

Road signs in Macau
Road Signs in Macau Image from 澳門粗遊記

There are a lot of stories about road names: I got confused when I was in Jinan, China, the city using latitude and altitude as their road names; I felt a headache when I was Macau, since the city translated all the road names from Portugal into Chinese; I am glad there are a lot of towns and cities in the UK shared the same road names, such as White Hall and High Street, just like they always share the same names for pubs.

I have been living in London for years; however, I just discovered a lovely, well, could be a sad place based on the name: Bleeding Heart Yard.

WeChat Image_20180316164033
Bleeding Heart Yard ©Tian Lan

By the sound of the name, people can already sense there must a dim and horrid story behind this. Turns out, there are not only one, but many stories behind this yard, of course, all of them involved a heart and blood. I won’t bother to tell all the stories as most of them are the legend, but the name of the Bleeding Hear Yard is already outside the world.

WeChat Image_20180316164103
Hatton Garden ©Tian Lan

The Ironic thing is the Bleeding Heart Yard is not far away from the area that famous for the jewellery and diamond shops, especially famous for the wedding ring design: Hatton Garden. Imaging all the couples come to Hatton Garden to get their engagement or wedding rings done, this might be a good place for those husbands to be to hide afterwards…Just kidding.

Anyway, there are so many places and roads with the unique identities and histories, it is all about to discover, to spot all these sparks in our daily lives…


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