Swedish History Museum – A Great Museum with Depth Inspiration

When I was a full-time academy student, history never is my favourite subject, on the contrary, history was my worst subjects among all social sciences courses. I never figure out the timeline of the Chinese ancient history and never remember any dates of any important events. However, I found history is getting more fascinating as... Continue Reading →


What do those Chinese advertisements mean on the pitch barriers in the World Cup 2018?

Though the World Cup 2018 kicked out on Thursday, I bet a lot of fans will agree with me the real game started when Portugal met Spain in Sochi. What an amazing game, a man VS a team. However, not everyone can visit the stadium to experience the excitement; for those who choose to stay... Continue Reading →

Recycle in German Way – Pfand

I have been told many times in the past that German is really good at recycling, it is easy to find rubbish bins with various classifications in this country. But how good they can be? I mean, I have been living in the UK for a while and travelled to some other European countries, seems... Continue Reading →



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