Bleeding Heart Yard: Only a Street Away from the Happiness

Road names seem always reflect parts of the history of the city or the town. I grow up in the city that using all the cities names in China as the road names, I quite convinced that it might be the reason that my geography is not bad. Whilst I was travelling in Tibet, I... Continue Reading →


Titanic, far more than just a romantic movie…

Titanic Belfast, another place on my wishlist has been ticked. I bet 90% of people know Titanic due to James Cameron’s movie, including me. I was too young to be allowed to see the movie back to 1997; however, the iconic movie seems never out of date. I believe one of the reasons the movie... Continue Reading →

On my way to the Minack Theatre

As usual, I set off to Penzance without doing much research, the main reason was to escape the heat in London. After 9 hours’ coach journey, I arrived at Penzance, the coastal town located at the south-west corner of England. Though without any actual plan, instead of staying inside of the cozy hotel, I decide... Continue Reading →

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